Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 32 the No 58 followed by Nos 59 and 60.

The view from the Central park bus stop
of Tower Transit 36139 a Volvo B9TL
with Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 bodywork
which would provide my conveyance to Walthamstow
It was quite a trek to reach the start of the No 58 at Central park at East Ham requiring two different tube lines and two trains, admittedly one of these was the London Overground to Canada water once again. It was not until 1400 that I found my self at the start of this bus route having started the journey at 1141. However, I did peruse some of the shops in the high street with the wife and the obligatory library before she returned home for a drama rehearsal. I then caught a No 474 from near East Ham station at 1345 to Central Park. Tower Transit 36139 then left from here at 1401.
The  No 58 shares this terminal point
with the No 115.

The Boleyn pub just around the corner from the old West Ham Football ground

The bus winds its way through Upton Park, Wanstead and Leyton to eventually reach Walthamstow bus station. This time I arrived from the opposite direction to the Nos 20, 34 and 48 I have previously encountered.

Approaching Walthamstow Bus Station from the opposite direction to previously

So having arrived almost exactly 75 minutes later, at 1518 as expected from the timetable, I decided to wait for the No 230. This bus would take me to Seven Sisters where I could catch a No 476 to Kings Cross which is where the No 59 begins its journey to Streatham.
Borismaster LT735 laying over prior to my trip aboard to Streatham.

I reached Kings Cross at just before 5 pm and passing the line of buses laying over in York Way I made my way to Wharfedale road, by the London Canal Museum which is the first pick up for the No 59.

The starting point, bus stop J outside
the Canal museum
LT 735 picked me up at 1700 so almost 1 3/4 hours since I was at Walthamstow a journey of probably only 20 minutes by the 'expensive ' London Underground.

The timetable warned me the bus would take half an hour to get to Waterloo which it duly did. After this it passed the Imperial War Museum on the left of the bus as it headed for the Oval, thereby avoiding the melee that is the Elephant and Castle. From here the bus followed the route I had used many times when cycling to and from London Weather Centre. That is up the road to Brixton and onwards to Brixton bus garage passing the Brixton hill tram depot with still the tracks evident in the floor of the building to reach Telford Avenue Streatham where the bus terminated.
Brixton Hill tram depot

Up close behind a No 159 which follows the same route through Brixton to Streatham

The bus route halts just before the garage with a
 collection of 'Borismasters' evident
outside Brixton bus depot

                                                                   From here it was a simple job to reach Streatham station where the No 60 commences its run to old Coulsdon. I was able to catch after about one minute a No 133 that had Streatham station as its destination.
DW324 a Wrightbus DB300 Gemini 2 DL at Streatham station 

My No 60 arrived about 1845 and took me down Streatham Vale and towards Pollards Hill before rejoining the A23 between Norbury and Thornton Heath pond. The bus ran then straight towards Croydon then on to Purley and eventually Coulsdon along the A235 and subsequently the A23. From the Cousldon roundabout norh of Coulson South station we took a route I had never taken despite now having been living in the general area for 32 years. Many times I have gone up the steep hill (Marlpit Lane) to Old Cousldon or onto Downs road for Farthing Down. This bus, however, follows a less steep road (Chaldon Way then Mead Way) and approached the Tudor Rose from the Caterham direction arriving at 2002.
It was getting dark by this stage as we waiting to turn left away from Caterham 

Another No 60 arrived as I was disembarking but the journey had not been much longer than stated on the timetable.

To get home from here I chose to catch the No 466 which was due in 5 minutes and then changed to the No 289 in Purley arriving home about 2045. A long day having left home at 1120!

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