Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Day 30 The No 55 and No 56, an almost ideal combination

I caught the 1211 to Victoria and then took the Victoria line two stops to Oxford Circus where I arrived at 1305. It was a short walk across Oxford Circus to Cavendish square and to Holles street where I waited in the rain for the No 55 which would take me to Bakers Arms at Leyton.

The bus Stop in Holles Street
where the No 55 starts
LT366 of Stagecoach arriving to convey me to Leyton

The No 55 that left at 1315 was a 'Borismaster' LT366 of Stagecoach (London) which took almost ten minutes because of the traffic to reach Oxford Circus. Progress was steady after this for much of the route, although some temporary traffic lights at Clapton caused some delay. Indeed, we were still to reach Clapton Pond at 1424. Eventually though, after a slow crawl along the Lea Bridge Road we reached the Bakers Arms bus stop at Leyton. It was then a little surprising to find this wasn't the final stop but the last stop is called Leyton Green which was around the corner, where I arrived at 1457, a journey of almost 1 3/4 hours.
Disembarkation at Leyton Green

The Bakers Arms, now a betting shop

The No 56 waiting to return to the City

To get to Whips cross roundabout where the No 56 starts, the easiest way was to catch a No 56 from Bakers Arms to Whipps Cross roundabout.

This came quite quickly and the journey only took 5 minutes. After a short lay-over it was a rather bemused bus driver of 
Stagecoach AD E400H No 12141 awaits its return
to the City.

Stagecoach hybrid 12141 who saw me again place my oyster card on the reader to board for my journey to St Batholemew's hospital at 1512.

The route mirrors the No 55 back as far as Clapton Pond, but progress along Lea Bridge Road was much swifter in a westerly direction. Turning right at Clapton pond we covered a road only used by the No 56, Cricketfield Road, but apart from this both journeys had been repeats of various others. Mostly the Nos 30, 38 or 48, but with also parts of the No 20 at first and No 4 late on. We encountered the No 4 at The Angel Islington at 1559 and reached St
Bartholemew's Hospital at 1613.

Turning right at the Old Bailey now mostly in sunshine so front window clear to take photos

Nos 46 and 56 await their departure to respective
Stagecoach 12141 at the terminus

Stagecoach 12141 at St Bartholomew's Hospital

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