Thursday, 19 April 2018

Day thirtyfive a run up to London on the No 63.

After a busy morning I thought I could just fit in the No 63 in the afternoon, so caught the No 410 at 1349 to Crystal Palace and there boarded a No 363 an hour later to Honor Oak where the No 63 terminates next to Camberwell Cemetary.
The final stop heading South
Empty bus turns around at this

MHV49 broadside on as it turns
MHV49 of London General coming
to its resting place
I took a selection of shots of the bus I was expecting to be using MHV49, as it turns around at the next junction and came to rest at the bus stand. However, then another bus that had terminated afterwards took the next service out, and so as a result it was not MHV49 of London General I boarded but their MHV27  at 1513.

The  route picked up many schoolkids, as it was that time of day just we joined forces with the routes 12 and 197 and headed into Peckham. It was then a steady run, which at times was following the remains of the Surrey Canal towards Bricklayers Arms and on to Elephant and Castle.

Approaching the Elephant and Castle

The river Thames was very high as indicated by the boat here just scraping under the revamped Blackfriars railway bridge
 The route then follows one I cycled many times, in reverse from Clerkenwell after night shifts, along Farringdon road and on to Kings Cross where we arrived at 1617.
The facade of Kings Cross railway station 

MHV27 Leaving the last stop on York Way to
 layover for its return to Honor Oak

I then took the Thameslink service back to East Croydon and caught a No 410 back to my starting point.

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