Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Day 36 the nearby No 64

I left the house at 14:58 and walked to Purley way to catch a No 289 to Thornton Heath Pond. This bus came at 15:12 but travel was rather slow as we reached the Lombard Roundabout  and it was not until 15:32 that I was able to leave the bus and go and top up my oystercard.
 There was a No 64 already waiting at the lay-over point and as I went to re-charge my oystercard it moved to the bus stop so hence I did not get a photo before boarding but took one from the the top deck front seat as we departed towards Croydon at 15:35.
Heading towards Croydon along London Road Broad Green
Brand new bus YG18CVS
at East Croydon Station

Turning into Croham road with bridge in distance which provided
the rail link from Bingham Road to Sandestead until 1983
The bus Arriva London T22 took 25 minutes to reach East Croydon railway station as it was quite a slow progress. From here onwards though, the bus accelerated and the run towards Selsdon was quite rapid.

At Selsdon high street we picked up a huge amount of school children with which we travelled down towards the base of gravel hill and on to the Addington Tram interchange.

Close up behind a No 130 which used to be the main route from Croydon to New Addington prior to the arrival of the trams at Addington Interchange

We entered the New Addington estate around 16:20 but did a great many loops before finally reaching the end point at Vulcan way at 16:52.
Approaching the final stop with a
large industrial estate to the East

T22 at the final stop in Vulcan Way

To get home from here I walked back up Vulcan Way to a bus stop where I could catch at No 464 to Biggin Hill which came at 17:13 and deposited me at the top of Salt Box Hill at 17:18. From here I walked along the Runway 03 threshold to reach the Look Out Cafe where my daughter was waiting with the car to take me home.

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