Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Day thirty seven the No 65 to Ealing Broadway.

Bus stop G at Brook Street Kingston
The No 65 runs from Kingston to Ealing Broadway so to access the route I took the 410 at 1355 and then X26 at 1405 to Kingston where I arrived at 1455. It was bright and sunny for much of the trip but once at Kingston the Cumulonimbus was building and hence the photographs I took at the start point of the route in Brook street are rather on the dark side. The No 65 is a route run by London United and is mostly covered by Scania N230UD OmniCity double deckers and my mount was SP128.
Scania OminCity SP128 which would provide my No 65
to Ealing Broadway

Display within bus suggesting next stop Ealing Broadway
This bus departed at 1500 and the heavens were rent asunder. As a result there seemed little point occupying the front seat as usual as a side view afforded better opportunity to see out-with the bus. Indeed, as we passed through Petersham I was able to spy a family group of topiary elephants in one huge property's garden. Despite the sizes of the properties there were still plenty of adverts stating Liberal Democrats winning here with the local elections coming the next day.
After running through Richmond we passed Kew gardens and cross the Thames at Kew bridge into historical Middlesex at Brentford. The bus then continues North across the A4 and under the M4 to reach Ealing where the bus takes quite a roundabout route to terminate facing southwards at Ealing Broadway station. we reached here at 1616.
SP128 at bus stop C outside Ealing Broadway station

In order to get home by minimising the cost, ( I had reached Ealing Broadway for a total cost of £1.50) I took the 207 bus to Shepherds Bush. From the railway station I took the London Overground to Clapham Junction arriving at 1725. The next train home was cancelled so I took the one before it to Hackbridge and walked home across Beddington Park reaching home at 1830.

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