Monday, 2 July 2018

Day forty seven and a much easier trip to reach the start point of the No 80.

My trip to Reynolds Close Hackbridge to catch the No 80 took me on foot across Beddington Park to what I hoped would be a stroll along the edge of the Farmlands where there was the possibility of filmining Tree Sparrows. However, when I got to the pathway I found my way barred because of pipeworks for the new incinerator and its heat benefit system that should reach the new Felnex estate in due course.
My way barred

There was no way through to the route I had planned 

London Road Hackbridge 

This meant I had to walk alongside London Road which wasn't nearly as attractive. When I reached Midland Close I was able to cut through to Reynolds Close and there waiting to depart was a No 80. The service was provided by London General Single decker SEN32 an AD E20D AD Enviro200.
The No 80 awaiting departure at Reynolds Close Hackbridge

The bus left at 1123 and made quick progress up Green Wrythe Lane towards Morden which was reached around 1135. The main hold up was the works in Sutton Common Road which because of parked cars delayed the bus by around ten minutes.
Thereafter the bus route wriggles west and then east to the north of Sutton before running up Throwley Way to Sutton Police station. The bus picked up a fair number of people at Sutton Railway station and then deposited them in quick succession as the bus climbed up the North Downs towards its final terminus outside High Down and Downview prisons, which was achieved at 1220.
The stop where the No 80 waits to return whence it had cometh

To get home from here I decided to walk across the Downs towards Carshalton Beeches taking photographs of the Butterflies and interesting plants as I did so.
Speckled Wood

Holly Blue

Not Bluebells as its July, creeping bellflower, i think?

Eventually I emerged at Fairway and walked along this to Pine Walk and then descended to Woodmansterne Road.

Finally a butterfly with wings open-Ringlet

After walking North for a while I reached Stanley Park Road and followed along here to Windborough Road where I waited For Susan to pick me up and run me home as it was so hot!

Orchid? amongst the trees in Pine Walk, garden escapee?

Susan arriving in her Kia Piccanto in Windborough Road

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