Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Day 46 Quite a journey to reach the No 79

The No 79 runs from Alperton to Edgware, so from Croydon its quite a trek to either location. I chose to take the tram from Wandle Park to Wimbledon, then the district line to Earls Court and subsequently the Piccadilly line wesbound, much as when I went to Heathrow, although this time it was an Uxbridge bound Piccadilly Line train that deposited me at Alperton at 1410, having left home around 1245.
Alperton Underground station on a gloriously hot summer's day

The No 79 taken from outside Alperton bus garage as it sweeps by

Whilst having a look at Alperton bus garage a No 79 came by with a destination of Alperton Sainsburys. I had expected the bus to start from the bus garage so I watched which way the bus turned at the traffic lights and followed in pursuit.
The terminus beside sainsbury's at Alperton

Now stating its destination on the front waiting to head a little up the road to the roundabout to pick me up

It wasn't actually very far down the road towards the Hangar Lane Gyratory that I found Sainsburys on the right. Here I waited for the Metroline Volvo with Wright bodywork VW1201 of Perivale garage to take me through Wembley to Edgware at 1426.
TE890 also of Metroline heading as we were to Edgware but via Colindale and Burnt Oak

Whilst travelling between Wembley and Preston Road we travelled the same route as the No 204 the bus my caught daily whilst working at the Village School. It was only as we approached the Kingsbury circle that the bus seemed to be the only bus which utilised that road which was Garth Road. This didn't last long though, as we were quickly joined by 4 buses in the 600 school series and around this area those I saw were operated by Sullivan Buses. In addition to that company when we reached Queensbury there was a universitybus double decker which provides the service to St Albans. Afer queensbury circle we returned to the A4140 before turning right past Canons Park Jubilee line station and then finally we reached Edgware at 1523.
The final stop at Edware station

To get home I took the Northern Line south from Edgware. One at Camden Town station it was announced that someone was unwell in the first carriage and was there a doctor on the train. At this point I jumped ship to platform 4 and caught a Charing Cross line train to Kennington. At Kennington I then caught the next train to Balham and changed there for a Southern train home. I had expected to go to Purley to meet the wife but had a call to go to Robin Hood school to pick up our son who was feeling poorly. He duly threw up down the side of the car just before Carshalton Ponds.

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