Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Journeys

The Plan:

I intend to ride each London Bus route from end to end in numerical order. My bus-loving friend John Stracey first came up with this idea. He did start but was sadly taken by cancer long before he could complete the routes. So I would like to do this on his behalf, in his memory. 

At the same time I hope to split fundraising for it between his favourite charity World Wildlife Fund and the chosen charity of his widow Cancer Research UK - the links to my fundraising pages on JustGiving can be found below. Please help me to raise as much as I can - £1 per route would make £700, £350 for each charity!

At times life will have to take precedence but I intend to make regular progress starting with Route 1 on John's anniversary - the 6th September this year. I will post evidence for each route on this blog, including images, details and anecdotes. 

To find my page and donate to the World Wildlife Fund UK:

To find my page and donate to Cancer Research UK:

John Stracey on Cathedrals Express


  1. How nice to do this in John"a memory.

  2. Thanks Rob so kind of you to do this in memory of John.

  3. robert Bourton9 March 2018 at 15:48

    Well, we are 6 months in and I have reached the No 50. Not quite as far in as I had hoped by this stage but hey-ho, if it is going to take my seven years so be it!

  4. My progress has been slowed recently by the dispertion of the routes which have made it increasingly difficult to do multiple routes in a day. The next pair Nos 83 and 84 will necessitate travelling to Ealing hospital for a bus to Golders Green and then the 84 from New Barnet to ST Albans. All along way from the Sutton/Croydon interface!!

  5. Today we reached a milestone, bus route No 100 on John's anniversary and obviously also one year since I started the quest