Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Day 42 a trip to finally do the No 72

After invigilating Spanish GCSE in the morning I took the opportunity to finally do the No 72. Initially the trains didn't want me to do it. I arrived at 1405 just as the train arrived and as I needed to update my oystercard I had to let it go and catch the 1420, which at least was exactly on time. I had to then change onto the London Overground which again I just missed as I crossed the bridge to Platform one. Finally I boarded the 1501 to Shepherds Bush and changed onto the Central Line to reach East Acton. Thus I followed the same route as when I went to do the No 7 and arrived at 1531.
Approaching Brunel road once again on foot along Old Oak Lane

DPS30709 of London United awaiting departure at Brunel Road
The No 72 is operated by London United and in this case was a Dart no DPS30709 which left Brunel Road at 1538. The 1538 followed the route of the No 7 past Wormwood Scrubs and Hammersmith hospital before turning right into Wood Lane. The bus ran past Television Centre to White City and on to Shepherds Bush green whereupon we headed onto Hammersmith bus station which we left at 1605.

However, there was then a considerable hold up which for ten minutes was not obvious until we got to the western side of the central Hammersmith bus and underground area. Here a lorry and and a van had come together and were blocking two lanes and thus it took until 1615 before we could escape from the Hammersmith gyratory.

The bus then ran down to Hammersmith bridge which has a very rough surface and the tide was well out. From here we transited Barnes and on past Roehampton university and Queen Mary's hospital to finally turn right and left into Bessborough Road which was reached at 1644.
We've arrived

DPS30709 immediately after arrival

Almost immediately a No 265 bus arrived and I boarded this and after a circuit of some roads we went back down to the road we had come from on the No 72. Then the bus did an about turn before heading up to the A3 and then took this down to Shannon corner.

From here I caught at 152 to Merton Park and finally the tram to Wandle Park.

Beckenham Junction tram arriving at Merton Park Tram stop

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