Monday, 25 June 2018

Day forty five the completion of the No 77 and then to Nunhead for the No 78

I accompanied my wife to the Library Association headquarters as it was when she took exams there for a meeting and then jumped on a Northern line train to Waterloo station. From there I took the 1133 to Teddington and arrived at Clapham Junction at 1143. I then needed to make my way to 'Arding and Hobbs' to continue the journey on the No 77.

Waiting in the shade for my No 77 to arrive another new bus heads towards Waterloo
When it arrived it was again a very new Enviro Hybrid EH294 of London General. I left on this bus at 1153 and after turning into Battersea Rise it bore left along a road parallel with the LSWR mainline towards Wimbledon. This took us through some long roadworks operated by Thames Water, presumably the new tideway relief sewer tunnel. Once we had reached Garratt Lane we turned left and headed past Earlsfield station and then Streatham cemetary. This cemetary is surprisingly a long way from Streatham and is where my wife's grandfather and Great Grandfather are buried. From here it was on towards Tooting crossing by the Broadway station and by Amen Corner to terminate at Tooting Railway station.
EH294 leaves for the lay-over after depositing
me at the terminus off the route

I arrived at 1219 and investigating the next train found it was the 1243 to St Albans, although it was expected to be delayed by 5 minutes. Indeed, it did arrive at 1248, a quite new class 700 Thameslink unit 700049. I intended to take this train only two stops to Tulse Hill.
Waiting on the Island Platform at Tulse Hill with my destination through the tunnel in the background

Here I arrived at 1256 and waited for a London Bridge bound train from Platform 3 which was due at 1302. I then alighted at Peckham Rye and went quickly to platform 4 in the hope of catching the 1318 to Gravesend the one stop to Nunhead. Unfortunately this train was cancelled so I resolved to go down to the road and catch a No 78 to journey's end and then retrace my steps to Peckham before passing through and on to Shoreditch. However, after waiting i n the broiling sun for the bus for 15 minutes it dawned on me the next train to Nuhead would be due so I ran up the stairs and boarded the 1331 train to Sevenoaks the one stop to Nunhead which I arrived at less than two minutes later!
I the had to find where the No 78 started and that was not very obvious. I had my bus map which suggested it was to the Northwest of the station. I walked down Gibbon road to Evelina road and turned right as it looked the likely spot. I then walked into Lausanne road for a bit but saw no bus stop so walked back and turned up Gautrey road. Here a saw a bus cross at the bottom of the road so a thought AHA! Once at the bottom I turned right but still could not discern a bus stop. I consulted a local and he sent me to Queen Street which was where the Nos 136,171 and 36 and many others were to be found, but not the desired No 78. So I returned it the scorching heat towards Nunhead station and thought I would try St Mary's Road and here around the bend nicely sheltered by the trees was a pair of No 78s. However, just as I drew close one departed so I wasted 25-30 minutes trying to find the bus which was Arriva HA14 and Enduro E400 Hybrid double decker.
Nicely shaded under the trees
 I waited for HA14 to depart

Whilst waiting another No 78 joined behind

This bus departed at 1402 passing the end of Gautrey road, as I had previously seen, then turned right into Lausanne road and Evelina road but in neither was there a bus stop until we had reached the bridge for the railway for Nunhead station. Evelina Road becomes Nunhead Green and then Nunhead Lane before the bus turns right into Peckham Rye and heads back towards the railway station of the same name which was reached only 10 minutes after departure. From here the bus turned right along Hannover Park, around three sides of the bus station and then dived down Peckham Hill Road before branching right along Peckham Park Road to the Old Kent Road. It was not long before we forsook the Old Kent Road and turned right into Dunton Road which used to cross the throat of Bricklayers Arms depot. Here the only bus that used the road was supposed to be the No 78, along a No 1 turned down it from its junction with Southwark Park Road.
In Dunton Road about to pass a No 1 which seems to be off its route

 Once we had turned left it wasn't long before we arrived at Tower Bridge Road. It was then quite slow going to reach the bridge starting here at 1440.
Waiting under the tracks which lead into
London Bridge station in the queue of traffic

Slowly getting closer to Tower Bridge
in much better light and weather compared to when
I crossed the bridge the previous time on
 the only other bus that does so, the No 42

Once across the bridge we headed for Mansell street where the bus driver was changed. This was achieved by 1455 and then it was across Aldgate around ST Botolph street towards Bishopsgate and up to Shoreditch High Street. After briefly taking Great Eastern Street we double around having turned left to cross the same street and terminate at Curtain Street at 1504.
Journey's End Curtain Road in Shoreditch

Four original Jubilee line coaches
on the original NLR bridges into
Broad Street station

From here it was an easy walk to Shoreditch High Street London Overground station where I caught a train heading for Crystal Palace. I alighted at New Cross Gate as there was a southern train indicated headed for Coulsdon Town but in the
event the next London Overground was for West Croydon and this enabled me to get the late running 1618 from there onwards at 1622.

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